Shop | Pay | Walk

How BillerX™ works:

BillerX works on patented RFID-Weight technology which helps  faster checkouts and reduced shoplifting.

Shopping with BillerX is as easy as Shop | Pay | Walk

  • The customer enters the shopping mall and starts picking up the items and placing them in the cart.
  • Once the customer is done with his/her shopping, he/she moves towards the exit where readers will be placed on the side and top for better quality and orientation.
  • Once the tag is read and the server verifies the weight of the cart with the database which is done in about 15-30 seconds, the payment step is initiated where the customer receives the bill via the app and can either opt to pay online or offline(cash) and can opt for a printed bill or an e-bill.
  • This way the customer saves almost 15-20 minutes.


Pictorial representation of checkout using BillerX: